Studio for rent Bangkok

A nice Studio for rent Bangkok on early Sukhumvit

A clean and affordable Studio for Rent in Bangkok Sukhumvit, located at Sukhumvit Soi 13. The studio is near BTS Nana, a modern suite of 42 sqm, offering great views of the metropolitan street, Bangkok nightlife, and the its downtown area. The apartment is furnished with a cable TV and a washer machine. BTS is just a walking distance from this apartment, and you’ll not need to travel long to enjoy swimming work out at the gym. You have a lot of amenities within this area, including Squash, parking, laundry and other conveniences. If you are looking for an apartment that offers comfort, safety, and the conveniences anyone would want to find in Bangkok, then you should take a look at this apartment.

The apartment’s location makes it one of the preferred lodgings in Bangkok. Although the street is not rich in tourist attractions, it offers everything you’ll need for the day-to-day normal life. You’ll find lush day spas, restaurants that serve delicious meals at every hour of the day, boutiques, and trendy shops along this street. It is full of nightlife, and you’ll need lack a cafe to chill and share a drink with a friend or a hop bar to get out the stress of a long week of tedious work.

studio for rent bangkok

This apartment is also conveniently located near shopping centres which are accessible via the numerous road arteries that connect to the Sukhumvit Street. The Skytrain also offers a quick and affordable means of transportation if you have to travel a long distance for work or to find entertainment. You’ll experience all of Bangkok living in this vicinity; it is the city in miniature, featuring everything anyone would want to have in Thailand. The price of the apartment is very affordable with rents starting at 15,000 Thb per month. You can contact the owner at 0879804040 for more details or back to the home of Bkk Apartments.

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