House for sale perfect place Bangkok

This house for sale in a perfect place in Bangkok

Looking for the right place?

You are in a quest to find the house of your dreams in Bangkok, the perfect place to live, a one that will satisfy your taste for style, greatness and serenity, you would therefore like to consider our townhouse offer in the heart of Bangkok.

Astonishing Place

Located on Sukhumvit road, the longest avenue of Thailand, this 430 square meters house is perfectly suited for people looking for space and comfort. The land is 29+1 Square Wha. It has 4 spacious bedrooms and a large communal pool, a shared and rich garden, allowing you to enjoy the perfect serenity of nature at your doorsteps. It is located 20 minutes away from the airport, making easy your transportation should you go on a business trip. Each and every one of the 4 bedrooms has a bathroom, featuring high quality made furniture enabling occupants to have their own space and intimacy. From these bedrooms, you have a beautiful city view, especially palm trees from the gardens and the neighborhood. Should you have items in your inventory that you would like to pack away, the house provides you with two wide storage rooms, offering you space whenever you need it. Definitively: house for sale perfect place Bangkok.

Suited for Entertainment

You will also come along a luxurious lounge and a remarkable marble floor, a superb dinning room on an elegant open kitchen and a two parking lots garage. Rooms are air conditioned, making your life in this house a very enjoyable experience. You will also be able from there to easily reach Thonglor Ekamai, The shopping mall just 15 minutes away from the house. There you can enjoy purchasing quality items, eating in the best restaurants of Bangkok and having fun with family and friends.

The Right Place To Be

Finding the house of your dreams in the heart of Bangkok has never been so simple. You will be captivated by the space and the beauty reflected from this place. It is well suited for people looking for satisfaction, comfort and space, opening you a door to the most attracting and entertaining places. If you are looking for an apartment for rent in Bangkok check this link.

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